about me

                                                                                   DREW C. BRUCKER

I’ve had a computer in my hands for as long as I can remember. And ever since, my fascination for technology and consumer behavior took off. 

A true digital native, I’ve worked with a wide range of clients to strategize and launch digital marketing campaigns of all sizes using key channels. I enjoy participating in thought leadership around marketing innovation and serve as an educator in emerging technologies, consumer behavior and digital trends.

In prior projects and client relationships, I’ve been responsible for blueprinting company-wide social media campaign strategies, content marketing programs, SEO campaigns/initiatives, and crafting strategic advertising efforts through PPC campaigns.




behind the scenes


other misplaced info about me

✖ I'm a former basketball scout

✖ I once worked for the St. Louis Cardinals

✖ I've jumped out of a plane (probably won't do it again)

✖ I was featured on Bodybuilding.com's magazine & website for fitness physique (twice)

✖ I got married in January 2017 (life's officially over...kidding.)

✖ I volunteer at dog shelters

✖ Documentaries (specifically on Netflix) give me life

✖ I refuse to be someone who stands in the aisle immediately after flight arrival